WALLAT vs MARSHALL, June 17, 2011

WALLAT vs MARSHALL, June 17, 2011

I apologize. I don’t expect you to do anything,
34 Sir. I feel the best thing is just to try and work it out with my wife. I guess there’s no 35 reason for doing any of it. I’ve basically given up. I’m just going to let my wife let me 36 have the access. She gave me — she offered me an opportunity to see my son more and 37 that’s the route I have to go. I realize that the justice system and trying to get access 38 through it is not going to help me and I’ve given up looking for the Court’s help. All I 39 really want to do is come in here and get out of here and go back to work and get back to 40 my car business and try to make a living and be nice to my wife and see my son, if 41 possible.

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